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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

When you read those words, what interpretation comes to your mind? Most of us immediately think about health goals and evaluate quickly how well we are doing with eating the right foods and exercising. While these daily choices are beneficial and do contribute to our overall wellbeing, there's more to just being fit than on the outside! Instead, I want you to see another angle. What if an interpretation of the words, "Be FIT" translated to "Females in Training". What are we in training for, you say? I'd like you to consider it your mental, emotional, relational and spiritual training. Yes, it's the inside training!

So, why FIT? Its a change in perspective when coming to counseling. I want you to think of this as your chance to process and clearly identify what category is out of balance in your life. Seasons change from time to time, and what worked for you last season might not be applicable for this season. Often, we go, go, go and we lose focus on what's most important or why it's important.

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