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Mountains and Valleys

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Yes, those words...LETTING GO!

If you have ever heard those two words, and I'm guessing you have, you might be like me and thinking yeah, I need to, that sounds easy, but how do I do it?! Most women are responsible for caretaking and ensuring the world they are surrounded by becomes orderly and one of beauty. Sometimes, letting go in our lives looks more like clinging on for dear life, aka, control. Likely, because we default to the familiar over faith. Faith is challenging and it requires energy. It requires us to Trust. When we make the intentional choice to trust God and allow Him to be our Good Shepherd and lead us, we may go through the valleys and around the mountains, yet we will not walk alone and we will be with someone who we can put our faith in. Control versus Letting Go...Who are you following through the mountains and valleys? Is it producing character and growth in you?

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